Breakthrough to a Healthier You

It’s really hard when you’re struggling with your health. I used to ask, “Please, just tell me- what do I do? What should I eat?” The truth is, You can go out there and get a lot of different advice: 6 tiny meals a day, 3 meals a day, no snacking, yes to snacking, etc. We could go on with this, but you get the point, let’s keep moving.

Here’s the deal: All this is good enough advice. It’s working for the people it’s working for, but the rest of us just feel frustrated at best,  and a failure at worst.

What is needed is a detailed look at all the factors involved in your health – your food choices, habits, lifestyle, stressors, challenges, saboteurs, and your particular constitution.  And this, as they say in New orleans, is crux of the biscuit.

This, is the core of the holistic approach. And it sure is liberating.

The Breakthrough Session will work for you in two distinct ways. 

1. You get to spend an in-depth hour with me discussing your health challenges and goals.

I will look at all the factors involved in keeping you from the health you want for yourself. By taking the time to do this, I can offer you real support. This is solid and grounded in the details of you and your life. During our time together I’ll be able to assess where you need support and I’ll lay out a strategy for you that’s practical and makes sense. 

2. You’ll get to experience what a health coaching session is like. It’s one thing to read success stories, it’s another to experience it on a personal level.

If I feel that a particular program is right for you, I’ll tell you. If I think the Breakthrough Session is enough, I’ll tell you that too. I’m not interested in up-selling you, I’m interested in guiding you to health and back to your power. And I’ve seen it happen after one conversation. Many times. 

The truth is, you’ll know what resonates with you. I will tell you that you will walk away with more clarity and a plan. 

I keep meaning to email you and thank you for the incredible session we had. It was really generous of you to take so much time with me, and it felt really good to chat with an expert. I think a lot about “whole foods” and trying to make decisions based on that. It’s all a process. Anyway, I really meant to reach out sooner and let you know how much I appreciated our session.
Have a wonderful day-

The Breakthrough Session is your first step into awareness.

Your first step into reclaiming your relationship with your food, your body and your health.

It’s the very first step to a more radiant you.

 1 full hour -over the phone from anywhere or in person. Either way, we’ll be at my table. With some tea. 

Your investment: $75 (Please note: This special rate is only for the Breakthrough session)

Still have questions? Contact me right now.

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